Is an Air Fryer a Healthier Version of a Deep Fryer?

Eating Too Much Fried Foods

In this article, we will try and debate the effects of using an air fryer and a deep fryer to fry food. 

If you are a human being then the chances are that you love fried foods. And why would you not? Fried foods taste amazing and the fat and oil involved in the preparation process is mainly responsible for this. The only problem is that we need to eat these foods in moderation otherwise we would be consuming too much bad fats. Consuming these saturated fats can lead to lots of different health problems in the future. It will initially cause weight can and this will eventually increase cholesterol levels in your body. Ultimately, you will be at an increased level of developing heart disease. Unfortunately, using a deep fryer regular will make you susceptible to these health problems. This is because deep fryers use a lot of oil that will become absorbed in your food during the frying process. This means that you will be consuming this oil that is abundant in saturated fats.

What is the Solution?

A lot of people and experts have been trying to tackle the above problem and one possible solution involves the rise of the air fryer. This aims to fry foods just like the deep fryer but without utilizing very little or no oil at all. It operates through hot air heating the food from all sides. The result is thoroughly cooked food that does not have any oil absorbed. If you like to use frozen foods from the supermarket, you will know that these will all be pre-cooked with oil. The good thing is that the low fat fryer actually has the ability to remove the excess oil being released by these items. If you are thinking of buying one then it might be worth spending a little time to look at the best air fryer reviews for 2016.

If you eat fast food on a regular basis then you will already know that the fat content of these foods is extremely high. However, in comparison, air fried foods can comprise less than 3% fat and up to 80% less fat than fast food. The way to use this machine efficiently is by using very little oil for ingredients that you have prepared at home by yourself. In comparison, you do not need to use any oil if you are using supermarket-bought frozen foods. In this case, the low fat fryer will do its best to remove the excess oil while ensuring that as little oil as possible gets absorbed into the food that you will be eating. It is quite clear to see that when compared to a deep fryer, an air fryer machine will be a lot better. This will not only allow you to make delicious food but it will also help you to improve your lifestyle and start a healthier diet.

An air fryer is basically a healthy alternative to the deep fryer.

A low fat fryer can also be associated with some more positive points. Some people often cook their food with healthy cooking oils. Obviously these will be far healthier than normal oil that is filled with saturated fats. However, it is a lot more expensive and can only be used by those who can afford to. If you end up buying an air fryer machine then you will be able to utilize the power of these healthy oils because you do not have to use so much. Using just a spoonful will be sufficient in most circumstances and the results will be better than ever.

Bottom Line

So the bottom line is that this kind of machine has obvious advantages when compared to a standard deep fryer. It will definitely improve your diet and lifestyle but obviously you will also have to make an effort.